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Or we can keep going on the same road of failure, Titleist 913 D3 Driver install tolls that keep going up every few years, and never fix the actual problems. Many states don even have income tax, louboutin sale and low property tax, and can get by with no tolls. Why can wisconsin? Read More »


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In the last few years my registrationAbercrombie uk has trippled, gas tax has gone up, property tax is up (not uncommon to pay 4K a year on a house thats worth 130K actual sale price), cigs are being taxed to unbelievable levels (yet where are the programs to help people quit that all that money could go to?), etc, and thats not enough?. There is a simple problem in this state, there aren enough people doing the work. For every man or woman repairing the roads, every teacher, etc, there are 5+ bosses above them that aren directly doing the work that the money is going for. If all of the property burberry scarf sale tax that is collected for schools, went directly to the school in the neighborhood thats paying it, there would be more money to go around simply because there aren 5 to 20 people taking cuts out of it. Just like with roads, most of the public works taxes collected are wasted before it ever gets to employ people to actually fix the roads, and for materials. Read More »


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MADISON (WITI) Wisconsin appears to be beats by dre one step closer to joining neighboring states like Illinois and Minnesota states that have toll roads.Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, a Republican from Burlington, says drivers who use Wisconsin interstates may some day help in for the maintenance of thebeats by dr dre roads.know that the transportation fund over the long haul has a serious deficit. of both political parties say it time for tolls, Vos. would much rather have peopleabercrombie & fitch pay for a system that they use. Assembly Democratic leader agrees. Read More »


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Sources said the sites will be as specific aslouboutin uk possible and won be listed as just Buffalo. mixed used real estate developments for a new stadium site such as possibly incorporating a stadium into some kind of year round venture also will be a key part of the by dre Revenue estimates for everything from ticket sales to parking and concessions also will be projected for each site, and the firm willlouboutin sale have to estimate costs for purchasing seats and costs, such as marketing. Read More »


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After much ado, a Satanic “black mass” scheduled to be held at Harvard University fizzled out to some nebulously organized get together at a Chinese restaurant, or so it seems. The murkiness of the conclusion is in some sense fitting for the murkiness of the entire affair, which seemed mostly theatrical from the outset, though haunted by an inability to really articulate what the point of the production was. This was probably complicated by neither group having a very well defined statement of purpose, with the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club claiming its goal was to “learn and experience the history of different cultural practices,” while a spokesperson for the Satanist Temple invited to perform the black mass explained that it is merely “a declaration of personal independence for the people engaged in it.” Read More »