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$12,000 1990 Mazda Miata – Put Down the Crack Pipe

I’m taking this one from Jalopnik’s book with the “nice ride or crack pipe” book…


After looking around eBay a week or so ago for a nice first generation Mazda Miata, I came across a beautiful white 1990 model. 1.6L engine. Factory hardtop. Beautiful. But why so much? The buyer has a ton of work into the car and the millage is incredibly low. However, even a 40,000 mile version of the world’s most prevalent roadster isn’t going to bring $12,000 any time soon. There are too many in good condition for a car this common to demand that price. Never the less, it is a beautiful Miata, one of the greatest cars ever built.

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Source: eBay

  • Wow, thats a really good find, I always buy my cars from ebay.

  • Craig Shaner

    JUST BOUGHT ONE MYSELF for $1,000…no radio…will need a new top in a few yrs….minor rear end damage…..BEST CAR I HAVE EVER OWNED..HANDS DOWN! A POOR MANS FERRARI…runs like a Bat out of helllllll!!   Craig Shaner Dayton, Ohio

  • Yikes! Not to take away anything from the Miata, but you can’t blame people if they say it’s overpriced. The average retail price for a second-hand Miata with 100,000 miles on it ranges from 5-7 grand. Have the patience to search the web a little more and you will surely find a great deal.