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Improptu Car of the Day – 2006 Ford GT

After watching yesterday’s Top Gear Australia, I got the Ford GT bug again and thought, “What the heck, let’s see what eBay’s got in it’s inventory these days.” After doing a quick search and organizing Ford GTs by date (sure, an original 1966 Ford GT40 would be sweet, but the premium these cars bring is huge and as much as I love the rawness of the old ones, I would drive the car daily and stuff like AC would be nice in GA) I came up with this Gulf Color’d beauty. The colors are a throw back to the original GT40s in the 1960s and the performance is as much race car as the original too. This particular car has had a 3.4L Whipple Supercharger upgrade, upgraded diffs and axles, big brake kit, uprated adjustable suspension and performance tuning,Ford License Plate Frames, among other things.
This car screams speed, handling and “meant for extreme track use.” Truth be told, I would love to have this car for something like the One Lap of America or the Targa Newfoundland. However, until the time comes when I can drop $375,000 on a whim, this car’s going to have to sit on my desktop as inspiration for the future.

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  • Thomas

    The new ford GT is absolutely gorgeous. I like the classic Le Mans paint job. Are the stock cars supercharged?