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4,600 Tickets From Mustang Police Cars In June. Are The Roads Safer?

The Indinapolis Star recently reported on the fact that their fleet of new Ford Mustangs have collected over 4600 tickets on the highways of Indiana. These unmarked cars are targeted specifically on catching speeders and work from the 18 Indiana highway stations around the state. Just tossing some numbers out there, 4600 tickets times $100 a ticket turns in to $460,000 dollars. Enough to keep those Mustangs running and pay the officers who patrol with them. What I’d really like to know is if catching all these speeders has really decreased the number of accidents on highways. Personally, I fail to see how hiding in unmarked cars is still a reasonable tactic for police outside of undercover operations. If you want people to be safe and slow down, make yourself seen. If you want to make money, hide your cars.

Source: Indy Star