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5 Signs Your Dealership Sucks on Twitter

Everywhere you turn, online marketing experts in every industry are letting you know the importance of Twitter, Facebook and social marketing. Being savvy car dealers, many of you have signed-up on these platforms to see what all the hoopla is about. Unfortunately, this also leaves proof why 99.9% of you guys are doing it wrong.

While compiling our list of car dealers on Twitter, we’ve came across a number of NUMEROUS examples showing why dealers are failing miserably on Twitter. If your dealership is currently on Twitter, see how many of the following examples apply to your Twitter account.

5. You Act but You Don’t Interact

Social media is called that for a reason – in order for it to work, your brand must be social.  Being socially acceptable on Twitter means engaging in conversations.  Furthermore by conversations, I mean BOTH speaking and listening. While the above may seem like common sense, the amount of accounts we found violating this basic rule pretty much made our heads explode.

Your plans for world domination in the social media world will not work if you are a wallflower. On the flip side, it will also not work if all you do is scream.

4. You Falsely Believe You Have Fans

You sign your dealership up for Twitter and before you know it you have a hundred or so followers. Heck, you have no idea where they are coming from but you are happy to get them.  Despite your lack of activity on there, this social networking thing must work because you have a small fan base by simply being on there right? WRONG.

Here’s the secret – your dealership is attracting followers because your Twitter name is popping up when people and bots are searching for car manufacturer names.  These automated scripts are looking for people with interest in cars to respond to their follow with a follow back so they can spam and shout their own agendas.  I’m sorry to say you don’t have any real fans.

3. You Hide Behind a Curtain

One of the fundamental elements of being social is human interaction yet many dealers do not reveal who the real people behind their websites or Twitter accounts are.

If the peoples’ desire is to interact with other humans, why do so many of you have Twitter accounts that hide the people behind the brand?  Am I supposed to believe I’m speaking to your building, your website, a logo or worse yet, your manufacturer’s mascot?


2. You Are Serving Old SPAM to an Empty Room

Ford, Honda, etc. have done a great job of putting real people behind their social initiatives and spending millions of dollars to promote their brands.  The honda civic is one of the top brands in the market and As a potential car buyer, many of us already know the various make and models that are available for purchase but what many of us don’t know is where to look locally to acquire the vehicle.

Many dealers have resorted to shouting out weekend specials (to nobody) and become echo chambers of their manufacturer’s tweets. Why is that? Just because you tweet about an award Scion or Ford wins, does it mean we’ll be rushing into your particular dealership to make that purchase? The answer is no.  If you’re not personalizing your tweets and speaking as an individual to other individuals, you are just adding noise to the room.

1. You Gave Up Before Understanding It

Most of the dealership accounts on Twitter suffer from lack of sincere interactions. However, it’s a lesson that most of you will never learn because you never gave Twitter a chance.  Most of the accounts we have seen have been started and neglected – some even as short as 2 DAYS!  Unless you are giving cars away for free, I don’t think there is a campaign out there that can help you move metal with a 2 day running time.

If what you have been doing on Twitter hasn’t worked, why not try something different instead of abandoning it? Do you even care that your potential customers are finding your failed attempts online?

What grade would you give your dealership’s current Twitter account?

If you guys want some help, let us know in the comments below. With enough demand we will do a follow up on how your dealership can actually use Twitter to bring people in the door and make money with it.