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Atlanta Gas Shortage

Citizens of Atlanta are flocking to the gas stations as news of the gas shortage spreads.  This CNN video shows footage of Atlantans going from gas station to gas station trying to find gas.

The gas shortage in Atlanta is a result of two factors.

  1. The oil refineries were shut down for several days due to Hurricane Ike, and it takes a while to get the flow of gas in the pipeline back to normal.
  2. Consumer reaction.  People are panicking and buying gas at a rate much higher than normal.

A search on TweetScan shows people’s real time reaction to the Atlanta gas shortage.

Atlanta gas shortage reactions on Twitter

How are you dealing with the shortage? How high is the price of gas in Atlanta going to get before shortage gets resolved?

Let’s see how well Atlanta Gas Buddy tracks this gas crisis.

  • Yeah I fear I’ll be walking a few miles to class in 2-3 days if I can’t find gas by then.

  • Will

    I hear ya Paul. I guess there’s always Marta 🙂 …Maybe this will encourage the city to improve public transportation. Atlanta is probably one of the worst cities to not be able to drive.

  • AtlantaGuy

    Most stations are closed. Lines are backed up pretty far for the few that are open. Never seen anything like this before here. I have a half tank left.

  • Will

    Good luck AtlantaGuy… Hold on to that half tank…. Keep us posted.

  • Wei

    This has been one of the more interesting things to happen to the city. You don’t realize how readily available gas is until you start wanting it and most stations are out of it. I’ve heard rumors this will be resolved by the end of the week but on the other hand, gas prices have already shot up $40+ in 2 days.

  • I couldn’t find gas last night — 8+ stations in Alpharetta, all empty. I was able to snag some this morning so I could make it to work.

  • I live out in Auburn and work in Buford. Though there are some stations that are completely out, there are plenty with gas out here. It pays to live and work well outside the city to not deal with the “sky is falling” mentality of people right now. The gas is there, the refineries are just trying to catch up to the “status quo” after being down for a few days. People just need to be patient and do some car pooling for a few days. That’s what my wife and I have been doing on and off the last 2.5 weeks.

  • Scooter McScoots

    Gas shortage!??? interesting… – my scooter & I haven’t noticed.

    I’d say the only problem afflicting our fair city is the throngs of scooter lovin’ ladies who crowd the streets every time I cruise Peachtree with my tie blowing in the wind.

    Colin, I bet your sick ass beamer can make your tie blow in the wind if you turn up that german engineered Air Conditioning. Too bad the AC in that nazi sled uses enough gas to ground the Luftwaffe for an entire summer’s bombing campaign, or to grind Atlanta to a halt.

  • Scooter McScoots

    Oh, sorry Will. This is my first time blogging – EVER. I also didn’t realize that this was a site for Car Sales. Oops. So, Let me say this: scooters are awful – they do not compare to cars. Scooters are slow and not fun and not cool and unattractive. The aforementioned qualities that are characteristic of scooters do not accurately characterize cars, which are not awful and fun and cool and attractive.

  • Will

    hahahaha… no worries Scooter. Welcome to the blogosphere! For now you’ll have to settle for a convertible to get that tie blowing, but I’ll see if we can get some scooters listed asap.

    There may be some BMW lovers, however, who have a thing or two to say about your comment. Any takers? Whoever Colin is, you’re clearly being called out. Let’s keep it PG…

  • “nazi sled”…seriously? Sounds like someone needs to take it down a notch and breathe. I’ve got a nice M3 that hits high 20s in the city and low 30s on the highway. It’s no Prius, but I do a lot of driving schools in the car so I need something with a little more pep than a scooter.

    I’ve recently thought of picking up a Vespa myself with a 15 mile commute but I just can’t commit to it quite yet. What’s your ride McScoots?

  • Scooter McScoots


    I ride a little 50cc Baron. Baron is an Italian company that likely had its origins in the 1930s making light infantry vehicles for Mussolini, so I should tone down my hypocrisy. It’s a nice little ride for the daily 3 miles on city streets, but if I venture more than 5 or 6 miles, or on any road where traffic usually moves faster than 35 mph, it is far from an ideal mode of transport. You would definitely need something with more power for 15 miles – for the sake of time, comfort, and the fact that those little engines can’t go full steam for too long.

    I’m surprised your M3 doesn’t go faster than the high 20s/ low 30s. I thought it would have a bit more power.

    The ‘nazi sled’ comment is from an Entourage episode I watched the other day. I am lame.

    Just kidding about the high 20s/ low 30s. I know you talkin mpg, not mph. The Baron gets 90 mpg, but on level ground maxs out at 40 mph. Up a steep hill, it might go 21-22. Seriously. Down hill is awesome.

  • Will

    For the record… We here at EasyAutoSales love Entourage. Randall, let’s start selling scooters. These scooter guys are clearly passionate brand ambassadors. Thanks for contributing McScooter…

  • Missy

    You can get (free) updates to your mobile about where gas is available in Atlanta by txting ATLGAS to 695949. Been doing this since Sunday, and it’s pretty helpful. Good luck..

  • Great advice Missy… Who set that up? Can you share any more details or give a link to more information?


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