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Author Archives: Will Fleiss


Cash for Clunkers – Top 10 Sellers & Trade-ins

Any car dealers reading this, we hope you are reaping the benefits of the Cash for Clunkers program.   Please share in the comments your stories and opinions on Cash for Clunkers as it relates to your dealership or to the Dodge Dealership near me which can be reached online. Read More »


Interview with Rhett Blanchard President of Blanchard Hyundai

rhett-blanchardWe’re very excited about this next interview with Rhett Blanchard, the President of Blanchard Hyundai in Asheville, North Carolina.  Rhett provides some great insights into the auto sales business, as well as specific advice on running a successful car dealership. Read More »


Interview with Donna Beasley of the Courtesy Automotive Group in Conyers, GA

courtesy automotive groupWe’ve been a bit busy getting ready for our site’s relaunch, but we’re back with a solid dealership interview from Donna Beasley, Business Development Center Specialist at the Courtesy Automotive Group in Conyers, Georgia.  Donna was kind enough to answer a few questions about how Courtesy’s dealerships are adapting to the challenges of the automotive marketplace Read More »


Professional vs Peer Car Reviews – Cast Your Vote!

Your car shopping experience typically starts online in the research phase.  Many of you will start by reading reviews.  What types of car reviews do you find the most helpful? If you had to choose between one lengthy detailed car review written by an automotive professional and a collection of 50 quick car review blurbs written by your peers what would you choose?  Here’s are two examples of the short reviews I’m talking about: Read More »


Car Dealers, Help Us Help You!

Here at EasyAutoSales we are always brainstorming ways to improve our services to help every new car dealer effectively sell more cars.  While we will never stop coming up with ideas on our own, whatever we come up with pales in comparison to YOUR collective feedback.  Because of this undeniable truth we have created a Car Dealer Online Marketing survey using Survey Monkey.  It will take you 5 minutes or less to cruise through, and will really help us learn how we can help you sell cars better online.  Once we get enough responses we will compile the data and post our findings on this blog. Read More »