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Author Archives: Will Fleiss


WhyBuyUsedCars Interviews EasyAutoSales CEO

Eric Miltsch from conducted an interview with our CEO Wei Yang.  Wei provides some great information about the vision of EasyAutoSales, as well as some fascinating insight into the future of the automotive industry, and buying and selling new and used cars online.  Here’s a quick snippet from the interview: Read More »


Atlanta Gas Shortage

Citizens of Atlanta are flocking to the gas stations as news of the gas shortage spreads.  This CNN video shows footage of Atlantans going from gas station to gas station trying to find gas. Read More »


Got Any Automotive Industry Social Media Case Studies?

BlogWell: How Big Companies Use Social Media - October 28th - San Jose, CA Read More »


Ford F-150 – Live Streaming @ Allen Parks Test Lab

Check out this live glimpse inside Ford’s Allen Park Test Labs for the F-150 Forum today at 1:30pm. Ford F-150 Chief Program Engineer Matt O’Leary and Truck Marketing Manager Doug Scott will discuss all things F-150, and make some news along the way. Read More »


SEO Training: Title Tags Explained

Calling all car dealers with websites (so ALL car dealers…right?). This post is the first of what will become a weekly posting called SEO Training, in an attempt to help you learn about search engines and how to improve the search engine rankings of your car dealer website via search engine optimization (SEO). Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed in order to be notified every time we write another SEO Training post.  Also, if you have questions or are unclear about a concept be sure to ask questions in the comments section.  We will answer. Read More »