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Author Archives: Will Fleiss


Gas Saving Tips on Guidespot

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Calling All Auto Bloggers!!! Where Is Your RSS Button?

Bigg RSS ButtonIf you have read a lot of blogs about marketing and social media you will notice a common theme; it takes only a split second for you to locate the RSS button.  Automotive bloggers, please take note.  It should be very easy for a reader to subscribe to the feed of your blog.  Gone should be the days of scrolling all the way to the bottom of your blogroll to find a small little link labeled “rss.”  You want return visitors right?  Give yourself a fighting chance, and give your RSS button a nice call-out at the top of the page.


Best Used Cars EVER?

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Cars Under 10K: Top 8 Fuel Efficient Used Cars

In April 2008 Consumer Reports released a list of the most fuel efficient used cars under $10k. The results were based on real-world fuel-economy tests. The list is as follows: Read More »


The Car Buying Industry: 5 Reasons to Look Beyond Gas Prices

Despite the fact that gas prices are through the roof, the value of SUVs is dropping fast, and Detroit may be experiencing more job cuts in the near future, there are reasons to feel good about the car buying industry when looking for a new ford escape SUV. Here are 5 reasons to look beyond the climbing gas prices: Read More »