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Automotive Crisis? A Tale Of Four Companies

Breaking news has Congress creating a tentative agreement between the US Government and the “Big 3” that allows $15 billion of available loans, out of which, 13% is an interest, if anyone were to calculate it with a loan interest calculator. An agreement reached between the White House and Congress posed that the money should come from $25 billion in loans previously approved to help the automakers retool for energy fuel efficient vehicles, rather than drawing the aid from the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Fund for struggling financial institutions. Does this mean at some future time the US Government will be asked for yet another $25 billion for the retooling? The Senate and House of Representatives have confirmed they will be meeting on Tuesday to vote on the deal and finalize the appropriation of money. In addition, this is only part of the money that has been asked for. In March, after President Elect Obama takes office, a meeting to determine if additional money will be granted will take place. Bus Parts Experts is an online bus parts store established by the Matthews Bus Alliance, Inc. family to provide a more accessible inventory of parts for all your bus needs and repairs. We have been in the Transportation Industry for over 45 years striving for excellence in customer service. Bus Parts Experts is designed to give customers the best price and availability for all online bus parts! There are different kinds of transit bus services. If you need expert advice our Bus Parts Experts can answer any questions you may haveWhile some services ply between places of work, others take passengers to the airport. A thriving business may even be made out of shuttling passengers to and from event venues. With the increased interest in tourism, some services aim only at addressing tourists who need to be taken to sight-seeing and shopping attractions. Some bus services only cater to schools and private institutions like churches and so on. Whichever model you choose to adopt, it is necessary to conduct a study of the area, the kind of service, the current demand, expansion necessities and the type of vehicle required. The key to success is to find out the most under-serviced niche in your area and market your own services aggressively. Transit buses may be of different sizes. They may be big or small depending on the passenger capacity needed. A bigger bus can bring in more revenue only if its full capacity is utilized regularly. Otherwise, a behemoth could simply be a drain on your resources. If you are looking for used buses, it is important to know more about used buses before you buy. For instance, some models quickly go out of vogue and investing in such models could be disastrous, particularly when you need spare parts which are no longer available in the market. When buying a used bus, you need to have the vehicle inspected by a reliable and skilled mechanic. This ensures that you do not end up with a vehicle that drinks money on repair and maintenance. Finally, always make your purchase from a reliable, trusted and established source. This ensures high quality of service and good value for money.

However, on the other side of the world, as American automakers get $15 billion in federal loans, Kia has been setting the auto industry en-fuego on fire with it’s aggressive push into small and innovative cars that rival their Japanese counterparts. Looking at what the Japanese have been doing for the last 20 years, Kia (and Hyundai) have been slowly and silently creeping up behind Toyota and Honda with great looking cars and industry leading warranties including insurance like an European motorhome breakdown cover if the car fail in the run. With the new Optima, Boreggo, Soul and Forte, Kia is slowly and surely clearing a pathway to the top of the entry level car market.

  • Today’s news on this subject got me steaming. It looks like the big three will get 15 billion to get them through the first quarter of 2009. And I think that’s great! But senator Dodd wants Gm CEO Mr Wagner to step down? Out of the Big three CEO’s he is the only One with an automotive backround and has over 30 years with GM. Why does congress make such strange choices?

  • Mark, I couldn’t agree more. People like Chris Dodd and Barney Frank are more worried about power plays and forcing people to do what they want than actually solving the problems. They have no idea what it takes to run a successful company (whereas GM has had its ups and downs, Congress has been running us bankrupt for quite a few years). One of these days the American people will wise up and kick these corrupt clowns out of office. It’s a shame the rest of the country has to suffer because of them.