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Automotive X-Prize Entry Yeilds 80MPG, 400HP Fox Body Mustang

The Ansari X-Prize is a privately sponsored contest centered around various technological tasks that could change the way we as humans live every day. The first, and largest prize, was a putting an aircraft into low earth orbit and bringing it back to Earth without any need for disposable parts that our current Space Shuttle uses. Burt Rattan (creator of the “Voyager” airplane that made it around the world on a tank of fuel) and his SpaceShipOne won the $10,000,000 prize.

Doug Pelmear is one of the few who have signed a letter of intent to compete and enter their car into the Automotive X-Prize. His 1987 Ford Mustang puts down over 400 horsepower and still gets over 80MPG. Though the prize shoots for creating a economically feasable car that gets over 100MPG, Doug is shooting for a car that meets the economical target and is still usable in the “real world”. I think everyone at would love a “real world” test of any car that can reach these levels of performance.

Doug, a 48-year old electronic engineer, has done minimal modification to the engine’s mechanics itself, depending upon gaining most of his efficiency through ECU programming. He says that traditional gas engines operate “at a very low efficiency, like 8 to 10 percent, and our engine is like at 38 percent efficiency.”

While his technology doesn’t get quite as much absolute mileage as some of the other entries in $10,000,000 X-Prize, his is by far the most user friendly and considering his base for the platform, perhaps the cheapest. We’ll be excited to see some of the other entries to this contest in the coming months!

Source: MustangRevolution