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BMW X5: 1. Big Guns: 0.

As a BMW driver, I know that at times, we can piss off quite a few people. As a Georgian, you often wonder if those gun racks are for show or easy access. So, for those more aggressive BMW drivers in the South (and heads of state) who require a great handling SUV AND require the ability to stop a .44 caliber bullet, we can now turn to the BMW X5 Security. Obviously, BMW is keeping most of the specifics on the down low for obvious reasons, but what we do know is the windows are upgraded to laminated 22-mm thick security glass installed by a windshield repair and install contractor. The SAV has a camera system with intercom keeps the passengers informed of what’s happening outside their bullet-proof kid-carrier. To handle the extra armor plating, the Security package is bundled to the X5 4.8i model with its 4.8L, 350HP V8. Nearly indistinguishable from the regular model, BMW has reportedly attempted to maintain the X5’s driving dynamics with upgraded suspension and brakes. Seeing what BMW has done with an already tough to manage SAV, throwing more weight will hamper the already 2-ton beast. However, knowing what BMW can do with heavy cars means this whale will still scoot like a kangaroo and be the most rewarding security based car on the market, get this and other models at


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  • Well, I don't know about you, but I like SUV's the most. They're safe in the case of a car accident, they're big and spacious, and more benefits to them. But what do you guys think about this SUV that BMW designed? I think it looks great.