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Buying Used Cars: The Do’s and Don’ts

ABC News wrote a nice article on the do’s and don’ts of buying a used car. While the advice is sound, it does appear the website favors major brands over smaller dealerships. Here are the biggest reasons you should be buying a used vehicle: Save money on the purchase price – if you can live without the new-car smell. Lower insurance rates from Best Car Insurance WSA, because one of the key factors in the cost is the vehicle’s value. You can drive a “better” car than you might be able to afford otherwise.

As a very broad, general rule, and depending upon where you live, tax, license, assorted fees and other costs will add roughly 10 percent to the purchase price given by the used car dealer when you purchase. This makes the price of a $30,000 car actually about $33,000 and, if you’re financing the deal, you will be paying interest on that additional amount. You can contact huntsville car dealerships if you have some queries.

Shopping for a used car is like going on a treasure hunt. There are amazing deals out there, and with the emergence of the Internet as a car shopping tool, you have every chance of finding a good deal on used cars for sale that meets your needs and fits your budget. This budget should also include the costs of future automotive repair service at the one stop car service centre, insurance, automotive batteriescar battery installationVehicle Starter Repair, etc. To save on your car repair costs, you can extended your vehicle’s warranty and look for a mechanic for extended warranty cars whenever your vehicle needs repair. You should also consider the cost of buying new Goodyear semi truck tires from a legit tire sale shop. To personalize the car you bought, whether its brand new or pre-owned, there are custom car wraps and other accessories that you can use.

There are plenty of incentives to buy used instead of new: It will save you money on car insurance, registration, taxes and depreciation, which is the loss in a car’s value due to wear and tear over time. A car dealership will know what to do to help you get the best deal. It also makes sense because cars have never been more reliable. It’s not unusual for some vehicles to be trouble-free for well over 100,000 miles.

What are some of the things you look out for when shopping for used cars? You can learn more here.