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The Car Buying Industry: 5 Reasons to Look Beyond Gas Prices

Despite the fact that gas prices are through the roof, the value of SUVs is dropping fast, and Detroit may be experiencing more job cuts in the near future, there are reasons to feel good about the car buying industry when looking for a new ford escape SUV.

Here are 5 reasons to look beyond the climbing gas prices and continue investing in new vehicles:

  1. Hybrids, Electric Batteries, and Hydrogen Fuel Cells – The progress being made with alternative powered cars is significant. They may not be making an impact tomorrow, but they will come sooner than later.
  2. Smarter Rides – From fuel displacement systems to collision avoidance software, the technology we are wielding these days is astounding, and making the roads safer every day.
  3. Coolness Factor – New cars these days are looking damn good. Not to mention the nifty features that continue to make the driving experience more enjoyable. Thus check out the following website to know how you can make good money by selling your old car and get the new age car you always desired –¬† But if you’re irked with your old car with something as simple as¬†Engine ticking noise, which can promptly be fixed, then I suggest you give it a second thought.
  4. Automakers Responding Quickly to the Market – If the SUV market had tanked 10 years ago, Detroit’s car makers would have been extremely slow to react. Today, Ford has already said it will cut production and avoid building SUVs that the dealers will not be able to sell.
  5. The final reason to feel good about the car buying industry, is without a doubt a self plug, but I think a valid one. is embracing the internet’s social presence in a way that other car classifieds sites are not. These days, with Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, FriendFeed, and many many more, the web of connection cast by an individual across the web is nothing short of remarkable. Imagine if you could use that massive social network to help you buy and sell cars. is integrating itself into this web 2.0 phenomenon , and the car buying industry will be better for it.

What makes you feel good about the car buying industry (or bad for the matter if you think this is all a crock of ….)?

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