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D-Day. Dealer-Day That Is.

Well, after weeks of fretting and worry, dealers are finally upon the June 9th deadline to sell all their inventory off or be stuck with cars they can no longer sell (due to franchise revocation). We reported a number of days ago about a dealer, Pohanka Chrysler-Dodge, that had dozens of cars to be sold before today or they would have to eat the cost of the cars. Well, originally we were in completely support to help them sell of their inventory and try to keep the dealer losses to a minimum. However, a number of days ago Chrysler had brought to the attention of many that they weren’t going to just leave these dealers to suffer. Afterall, there are still over 2000 Chrysler dealers in the USA keeping their franchising. As such, Chrysler’s plan is to help dealers to redistribute these cars to other dealers and help both the old franchises and the current ones. Read More »


Interview with David Hensley Jr of Cars Etc Inc. in Knoxville, TN

Brad and David Hensley of Cars Etc.

Brad and David Hensley Jr of Cars Etc.

For our next car dealer interview David Hensley Jr of Cars Etc. Inc. in Knoxville, TN shares some great information on this dealership’s marketing budget, online dealer reviews, and more at Auto Transport companies blog and catalog.

If you would like to take part in our dealer interview series please email me at will(at) or twitter us.

1. David, tell us a little bit about Cars Etc. , and your own career in the auto industry?

Cars Etc…Inc. was started in May of 1983, by James Hensley, Jr. since then, we have grown from a front row consisting of 4 vehicles and 2 employees; James and his brother, David,Sr. to over 200 units currently in stock and 10 full time employees, majority of which are family. One of the traits of millennials is that they are family oriented, want to know more, check out our page for best advice for millenials. Checkout Auto News Center for Great Choices of transmission jacks for Your Home Garage. Two of whom are Brad and David, Jr. who aspire to make this a 2nd generation business and we both have for the most part spent our entire lives learning this business, be it washing cars or developing advertising campaigns. This dealership is all we have ever know and all we ever want to do. Choosing to attend an auction conducted by a trusted company makes all the difference between bringing home a good deal or not. Your choice of auto auction company makes the difference between flushing hard-earned cash down the drain and well-spent dollars. You can check out Powell Auction & Realty here for more details regarding to the public auto auction.

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Interview with Ed O’Grady of Classic Chevrolet

Ed O'Grady Car Dealer of Classic Chevrolet

Ed O'Grady Car Dealer of Classic Chevrolet

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Interview with Tracy Myers of Frank Myers Auto Maxx

Tracy Myers in front of Frank Myers Auto Maxx Dealership

Tracy Myers in front of Frank Myers Auto Maxx Dealership

Tracy Myers of Frank Myers Auto Maxx Dealership in Winston-Salem, NC has been kind enough to answer a few questions about his experiences in the auto sales industry and what it’s like to be a dealer in today’s economy.

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1. Tracy, tell us a little bit about Frank Myers Auto Maxx and your own career in the auto industry?

Once upon a time (when I was much younger), I was rebellious and wanted nothing to do with the family business. So I packed my bags & went off to college. I wanted to start an automobile company and if you were to visit website, you’d know that’s how I saw myself down the line. A few odd jobs later, I was searching for a better way to make money while going to school. That’s when I got a job at a nearby Toyota dealership and caught the bug real bad. I was in class from 8am to 1 pm and sold cars from 3pm to midnight and was promoted to Sales Manager in less than a year. I was only 19 years old and thought I knew everything so I quit school to make money in the car business. And all of this happened without my father’s knowledge! With that kind of experience and success under my belt, I thought it would be a great time to go to work for the family business. My dad welcomed me into the business and gave me a job right away…in the detail shop! I went from making $80,000 a year to minimum wage and I was really discouraged…but in hindsight that was the best thing he ever did for me. I am glad my Dad didn’t give me a free ride. My mom and I have a joke that I have worked out of every office in the dealership at least twice.

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Interview with Eric Miltsch of Auction Direct USA


Check out our interview with Eric Miltsch, the Internet Director for Auction Direct USA Used Cars Superstore.  He also blogs professionally at in his effort to help change the way consumers buy used cars.

If you’d like to be a part of our Car Dealer Interview Series, please shoot me an email at will(at) or twitter us @easyautosales.

1. Eric, tell us a little bit about Auction Direct USA and your own career in the auto industry?

Auction Direct USA Superstore is a unique used cars dealer intent on changing the way consumers buy used cars. We’re passionate about improving the entire buying process for automotive consumers – starting with the online experience, the in-store experience and continuing with the post sale relationship. Every element is fertile ground for improvement. My automotive industry experience actually began with Auction Direct three years ago, shortly after the company opened its doors. I’m not a traditional car guy and have never worked for a dealership. From my perspective, we’re not selling cars, we’re making it easier and more enjoyable for people to find their perfect vehicle.

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