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Category Archives: Celebrities


Dealers Succumb to Madoff’s Schemes

bildeIt seems that no one is safe from the wake of destruction and the money pit that is known as Bernie Madoff. A recent set of documents files in the U.S. Bankruptcy Coupt in New York expose some well known names in the dealer business: Robert Potamkin of Potamkin Automotive in New York and South Florida; Robert Rosenthal, head of Rosenthal Automotive in the Washington area; Miami dealer Norman Braman; Peter Paris, a vice president of Potamkin Cadillac; the employee profit-sharing plan of Bay Chevrolet in Rockville Centre, N.Y.; and funds from the Minneapolis dealership Metro Motor Imports Inc. Bernie has been charged with milking billions of dollars form clients around the country and the world in what’s described as the world’s largest ponzi scheme (also known as pyramid schemes). Read More »


NADA Pictures – Sunday

2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Simulator

2010 Ford F-150 SVT "Raptor" Simulator

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$300,000 and it Doesn’t Even Include OnStar

“Rapper 50 Cent was left red faced in London on Friday when he found himself locked out of his Rolls Royce.” It seems that all that money can’t buy you out of the embarrassment of getting your keys locked in the car. As you can see by the pictures below, 50 and a friend of his are having quite some time “breaking” back into the Roller. Just goes to show money does not buy common sense.
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