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Category Archives: free car classifieds


Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang – What a Beauty!

I just discovered this Bugatti Veyron listing in our database after checking out what’s popular on our website today.  This thing is gorgerous! (So pretty in fact, you almost don’t notice the Lamborghini Reventon in the background!) Read More »


Best Used Cars EVER?

The Ever Project Read More »


The Car Buying Industry: 5 Reasons to Look Beyond Gas Prices

Despite the fact that gas prices are through the roof, the value of SUVs is dropping fast, and Detroit may be experiencing more job cuts in the near future, there are reasons to feel good about the car buying industry when looking for a new ford escape SUV. Read More »


Car Buying Confidence with Free Carfax Reports

In our effort to make our results more relevant, Sell My Vehicle has just implemented Carfax reports into our search results. This means you can now get thousands of free Carfax reports online for any car that the dealer has ordered a report for – just like if you were at the dealership! Read More »