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SEO Training: Article Search Engine Optimization

Finally, the second installment of the “weekly” SEO Training posts for car dealers looking for ways to improve their search visibility online. Writing, hosting, and submitting articles is an excellent way to give your site visitors helpful information and at the same time provide keyword rich content for the search engine spiders. Once you put your article on your own site and it gets indexed by Google, you can then submit it to the many article submission sites online in order to build backlinks to your site. Not only will you be getting a link from the site you submit to, but if your article is compelling enough it will often get picked up by other automotive publishers seeking content. There is no guarantee that other sites will keep your link intact, but they typically do. Here is a great illustration demonstrating the article optimization process, compliments of the Search Illustrated column at Read More »


Calling All Auto Bloggers!!! Where Is Your RSS Button?

Bigg RSS ButtonIf you have read a lot of blogs about marketing and social media you will notice a common theme; it takes only a split second for you to locate the RSS button.  Automotive bloggers, please take note.  It should be very easy for a reader to subscribe to the feed of your blog.  Gone should be the days of scrolling all the way to the bottom of your blogroll to find a small little link labeled “rss.”  You want return visitors right?  Give yourself a fighting chance, and give your RSS button a nice call-out at the top of the page.