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Category Archives: New Feature


Get Trusted Advice on

Everyone knows the internet is a giant gold mine of information but when it comes to opinions you trust, Side by Side Vehicles for Sale is still the best bet. But how does one involve their friends, family or acquaintances when it comes to a large purchase such as a car? Traditionally it has not been easy to ask for help and not knowing who in your network has experience with what vehicles is certainly a deterrent for reaching out blindly. Read More »


New Website, New Stats!

As many of you have noticed, EasyAutoSales launched our new website last week!!! This new look was months in the making and took hundreds of hours to complete. I wanted to thank everyone that were involved in the upgrade and praise those who worked the late night shifts and helped finished this 8 month project in a mere 3 and a half months. Read More »


New Design Sneak Preview 3: New Community Forums

We are now only a couple of weeks away from launching version 3 of our website. Unfortunately with the amount of changes, fixes and upgrades we have been making, our original intent of pushing this out at the end of June has been delayed by about a month. (Hopefully that’s all though.) Read More »


New Design Sneak Preview 2

WOW! We’ve been floored by the number of positive responses and participation from consumers to write short “tweet” like car reviews for our upcoming website. We’ve only been requesting the car review submissions for a couple of weeks and we have already received hundreds of submissions. Read More »


New Design Sneak Preview

Summer is a lazzzy time. While most people are taking a break in the Sun, we are taking this time to iterate and improve our UI to make shopping on EasyAutoSales even better. Below is a preview of our new search box with a hint at our new styling. Read More »