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Automotive Mechanics Beware the Age of Price Transparency Online

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(Mega) Cooper Shows Tahoe Who’s Boss!

I’m a huge fan of the BMW built Mini Cooper. My mom has a Type S and there’s very few cars I would feel as safe putting her in. As a bonus, it’s her all time favorite car she’s ever owned (and my parents have owned almost 45 cars in almost 50 years of marriage) and I can’t blame her, the car is a hoot! However, many have questioned how safe the car actually is due to its pint sized chassis. The following pictures should allay any ¬†worries about how safe the Mini Cooper really is: Read More »


2009 Nissan 370Z – A step in the right direction

Cars have personality.  Some may be boring, others extreme and overbearing.
Some cars lack personality, and this is arguably the case with most new model vehicles. Read More »


Cars That Will Never Be Driven As They Were Meant: Lauren Conrad’s Audi R8

Another story from the trashy gossip file brings us this picture of The Hill‘s Lauren Conrad in West Hollywood yesterday, showing off her brand new $118,000 Audi R8. There have been rumors Lauren makes approximately $75,000 per episode, which means she “acted” a full 2 hours worth of air-time to score the sexy Audi (and pay for the taxes, fuel, purse to go along with the car). Say what you will about the fake reality life, she’s driving an R8 and most of us are not. If nothing else, the next owner can probably be safe in knowing the car wasn’t abused, other than perhaps excessive mocha-lattes in the cup holders. Read More »


What Does Rambo Drive: Awesome Volkswagon Pheaton

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