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We’re Not Kidding About Pictures!

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WhyBuyUsedCars Interviews EasyAutoSales CEO

Eric Miltsch from conducted an interview with our CEO Wei Yang.  Wei provides some great information about the vision of EasyAutoSales, as well as some fascinating insight into the future of the automotive industry, and buying and selling new and used cars online.  Here’s a quick snippet from the interview: Read More »


Improptu Car of the Day – 2006 Ford GT

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Best Used Cars EVER?

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Buying Used Cars: The Do’s and Don’ts

ABC News wrote a nice article on the do’s and don’ts of buying a used car. While the advice is sound, it does appear the website favors major brands over smaller dealerships. Here are the biggest reasons you should be buying a used vehicle: Save money on the purchase price – if you can live without the new-car smell. Lower insurance rates from Best Car Insurance WSA, because one of the key factors in the cost is the vehicle’s value. You can drive a “better” car than you might be able to afford otherwise. Read More »