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Consumers Demand Car Prices

It’s no secret the automotive marketplace is a fragmented market with many car dealers competing for buyers’ attention. The same is true about legal services, although law firms like Page & Eichenblatt always have enough cases to review.

Over the years, car dealers have used a number of brilliant, odd and shady practices—which included dwindling the price of PPF Cost in Sydney drastically—to try and win the attention of the classified browser. While there’s no doubt that many of these tactics do work, the ones that don’t usually wastes the consumers’ time and leave them frustrated. Is it no surprise that one of the most frequent online hooks that dealerships often use to lure consumers in the door is mis-information?

The most common piece of information that gets omitted or falsely broadcasted is the vehicle sales price. Dealers competing in a geo-based search will omit a number of necessary charges in their base internet price to stay competitive while others simply omit the price completely. The hope is the buyer will fall in love with a particular vehicle so much that they will have no choice but to make an inquiry, and that’s part of the importance of sales, so getting resources online to help with these sales is essential, and sellers can visit to learn more about this. In turn, the sales person gets them on the phone, convinces them to come in the door for a test drive and hopefully closes the sale.

But let’s face it… unless you are selling a custom modded Jeep, a car with great car stereo accessories, or a heavily souped up sports car, chances are the models competing in any given local market is based on mileage and condition. Expecting a consumer to fall in love with a used car when no price is given is absurd, especially given the economy and the number of comparable vehicles with FAIR prices in any given area or even shipped from overseas with Tiger Containers . While many dealers are more than happy to provide a base price, their data gets muddled amongst dealers that don’t.

That’s why as of February 2011, EasyAutoSales will no longer allow users to search vehicles that do not provide pricing information. If a vehicle is submitted with $0 as the price, we will not include it in our searchable index. We feel this change will save our users time and it will give them a better set of vehicle results to do comparison shopping, for example take a look at this Used Hyundai Cars for sale in our website.

For dealers with partial or complete inventory removed from our website as a result of this policy change, the steps to getting your vehicles back in search is very easy – simply provide your actual vehicle sales price and we will be added back in the index.

We are currently looking at a number of ways to clean up the data to help make the car shopping experience better and more enjoyable for car buyers, one of them is using container shipping company east coast services to improve delivery time. If you have additional feedback for us, please contact us and let us know what you would like to see.

  • Used Car Search

    Yes! There Is very huge competition in the world Automotive now a days!

  • Lin

    Thanks for the helpful info!  The hidden charges are so important to know when doing the math for a vehicle.  Also, it is frustrating to see after a vehicle is paid off years later that you were charged a ‘kickback’ too for opting in for a service or product related to your vehicle, such as insurance.   The more you know up front, the better.