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D-Day. Dealer-Day That Is.

Well, after weeks of fretting and worry, dealers are finally upon the June 9th deadline to sell all their inventory off or be stuck with cars they can no longer sell (due to franchise revocation). We reported a number of days ago about a dealer, Pohanka Chrysler-Dodge, that had dozens of cars to be sold before today or they would have to eat the cost of the cars. Well, originally we were in completely support to help them sell of their inventory and try to keep the dealer losses to a minimum. However, a number of days ago Chrysler had brought to the attention of many that they weren’t going to just leave these dealers to suffer. Afterall, there are still over 2000 Chrysler dealers in the USA keeping their franchising. As such, Chrysler’s plan is to help dealers to redistribute these cars to other dealers and help both the old franchises and the current ones.

“We think we can redistribute any vehicles that any dealer wants us to,” spokeswoman Kathy Graham said. “Dealers are not going to be stuck with cars. We have dealerships that want the vehicles.”

Since Chrysler plants have recently stopped production due to the bankruptcy filing, dealers still want and need new cars. As of the end of last month, there were over 44,000 cars. We currently have no estimates left, but this does show a light at the end of the tunnel for dealers looking to unload their extra inventory as well as consumers who are looking for a great deal and want to buy a Chrysler car during this lull in their operations while they go through bankruptcy court.