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Interview with David Hensley Jr of Cars Etc Inc. in Knoxville, TN

Brad and David Hensley of Cars Etc.

Brad and David Hensley Jr of Cars Etc.

For our next car dealer interview David Hensley Jr of Cars Etc. Inc. in Knoxville, TN shares some great information on this dealership’s marketing budget, online dealer reviews, and more at Auto Transport companies blog and catalog.

If you would like to take part in our dealer interview series please email me at will(at) or twitter us.

1. David, tell us a little bit about Cars Etc. , and your own career in the auto industry?

Cars Etc…Inc. was started in May of 1983, by James Hensley, Jr. since then, we have grown from a front row consisting of 4 vehicles and 2 employees; James and his brother, David,Sr. to over 200 units currently in stock and 10 full time employees, majority of which are family. One of the traits of millennials is that they are family oriented, want to know more, check out our page for best advice for millenials. Checkout Auto News Center for Great Choices of transmission jacks for Your Home Garage. Two of whom are Brad and David, Jr. who aspire to make this a 2nd generation business and we both have for the most part spent our entire lives learning this business, be it washing cars or developing advertising campaigns. This dealership is all we have ever know and all we ever want to do. Choosing to attend an auction conducted by a trusted company makes all the difference between bringing home a good deal or not. Your choice of auto auction company makes the difference between flushing hard-earned cash down the drain and well-spent dollars. You can check out Powell Auction & Realty here for more details regarding to the public auto auction.

2. How has Cars Etc. been specifically affected by the current economic situation?

Cars Etc was not immune to the recession, we had to deal with the rapid decline of current inventory value, which led to some interesting outcomes. The first was that we had to take some significant loses on a few of those vehicles in order to restock our dealership with vehicles at the corrected market price. The second result of this downturn which has actually been a big positive is the fact that we had to readjust some bad spending habits which has made us a leaner and better business overall and ultimately allowed us to offer even better deals to our customers.

3. What expenses have you cut from your daily operation?  What new programs have you added to your daily operation?

We have not had to cut our daily operations however we have had to make sure that all hands are on deck willing and able to come in earlier and stay late, if needed. We have started offering shipping to our customers within a specific radius and we also ship to china if that is what it takes to get the deal closed. We have been very blessed in that we have a group of employees that understand the harder they work individually, the better the company does overall which will ultimately result in a better standard of living for everyone, basic “Game Theory”.

4. Has your attitude towards the marketing budget changed?  Has it shifted more and more online?

Personally, being from the Y Generation, our attitude has always been that we should be online advertising however the boomers that started this company, had a hard time believing someone would actually buy a car without touching it. So, like all good sons, we canceled our print advertising all together 3 years ago shifted that part of our budget to online outlets and it has resulted in some of the best years our business has ever experienced all while dealing with one of the worst recession of all time. Get car shipping quotes for your personalized route for free here.

5. What are your thoughts on online reputation management? Are online reviews of dealers the next IT thing?

We are excited to see individuals having the opportunity to voice there opinion of dealerships through these online outlets. However, with that said we work tirelessly to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and see this as an opportunity to gain market share from those shady folks that do not deserve to be in our industry in the first place. An yes we believe that it is prudent that someone should monitor those sites to be sure to maintain a sound reputation online.

Cars Etc. Dealership in Knoxville, TN

Cars Etc. Dealership in Knoxville, TN

6. What are your thoughts on the future of dealerships as many people start shifting their shopping patterns towards online research and browse?  What can dealers do to adapt?

Based on what we have seen and heard over the past couple years for the most part, almost all car shoppers are online researching already, so if dealerships have not already adjusted their ways of operating, then one has to think they are gonna have some very difficult days ahead of them. We would suggest finding out where your potential customers are researching the most and try to get involved in that medium be it your local newspaper or some place online, just go to them!

Thanks David!  You can also follow Cars Etc on Twitter @carsetcinc.  If you have any more questions for David feel free to leave them in the comments.  Hopefully we can keep the interview going.  Again, if you’d like to be interviewed for our blog please email me at will(at) or twitter us @easyautosales.

  • David is absolutely right about car shoppers researching online. In fact, buyers that found us and decided to shop at our stores from internet research really need special attention b/c if for any reason they had a negative experience, their comments can spread like wild fire online.

  • David is absolutely right about car shoppers researching online. In fact, buyers that found us and decided to shop at our stores from internet research really need special attention b/c if for any reason they had a negative experience, their comments can spread like wild fire online.