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EasyAutoSales at SXSWi 2010

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Chevy Volt

In case you missed our Twitter updates, EasyAutoSales went to Austin for South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) this year to check out what the cool kids are doing for interactive advertising, social media and geo-based gaming. Having been to both NADA and now SXSWi, I can honestly say that I am extremely excited for some of the outside-the-box opportunities that social media is bringing into the new marketplace – unfortunately, the automotive world has a lot of catching up to do before we can make it work.

Some of the great things we saw while we were at SXSW included Chevrolet’s fleet of vehicles. In addition to showing off some of their favorites like the Corvette and Malibu, they also had some newer toys like the Volt and the Cruze on display.

Note: When I tried to get inside the Cruze to take pictures, their rep lied to me and said Chevy locked the vehicle and no one has the keys. This photo above obviously proves otherwise…

One of the cool things that Chevy did at this conference was that they provided test rides for people interested in checking out the cars with the best kayak rack for truck. When it rained later in the week, Chevy also provided free rides to conference goers back to their hotel. (How come these amenities aren’t available at NADA?)

Dennis Crowley (FourSquare) and Wayne Sutton (TriOut)

Dennis Crowley (FourSquare) and Wayne Sutton (TriOut)

Of course the hot topic at this year’s SXSW was Geo-location games with FourSquare and Gowalla being the two main contenders. My personal views on FourSquare vs. Gowalla aside, there is a HUGE potential for these new services to help bring new customers into the showroom floor as each services mature. (More on that in a later post.)

BBQ with @JessicaRMurray at Iron Works

Overall, our SXSW experience was amazing! In addition to sitting in great panels, networking with internet celebrities and taking part in various flash mobs, we of course got to know Austin and take part in the BBQ and taco trucks taken out of the semi trucks sale website. Heck we even got to play four square with the FourSquare team!

Robert Scoble playing four square.

As we digest the information learned from SXSW, I will add more posts on new opportunities that dealers can use in smaller more manageable chunks. To get the latest information, make sure you are subscribed to our blog!

  • Mike Cearley

    Hi Wei, my name is Mike Cearley. I worked with Chevrolet at the Cruze booth at SXSW. I'm sorry we weren't able to get you inside the Cruze at the interactive trade show, but I'd be happy to help get you any information you need or want about the Cruze. Also, if the Cruze is in your area, we’ll be happy to see if we can arrange some time with you and the car. Please let me know how I can help.

  • Is the Cruze in Atlanta?! I would love to check it out if the opportunity is available. It looked great on the outside. =)

  • nice site guys its a cool one

  • nice site guys its a cool one

  • If you were to choose, which of those two would you take home and park in your garage? Hmm, the Volt looks formidable with its all-electric drive, while the Cruze is like a combination of a sports and luxury car. Either way, both are spectacular in looks and performance! That barbecue looks yummy, by the way, hehehe… I wish I can go to an event like that soon!