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EasyAutoSales June 2009 Updates

This month we have some very important and exciting developments!

  1. It has come to our attention that SPAM and fraudulent listings are becoming a problem on the system. While we have been taking action previously from user reported listings, we will soon be able to actively remove fraudulent listings shortly after they appear even if the users don’t catch it first. Car shoppers are still recommended to report any questionable postings to us for review by flagging the users or vehicles.
  2. We are also excited to be working on version 3 of our new web design! Our goal at EasyAutoSales has always been to help dealers showcase their vehicles in the best light possible. Like the earlier versions, we will provide support for unlimited, large photos and video in version 3. In addition to photos and descriptions, we have put a lot of effort into making sure the information flow on the new design makes sense. Our goal with the new design is to help educate casual shoppers and give them more information to make quicker choices. We hope this will mean more phone and email leads for the dealers.

    We should be launching the new version of the website by the end of June and we will look forward to your feedback once it’s available.

Finally, we are excited to be working on some new premium services for this website that will help dealers sell cars faster online. If your dealership currently advertise on Craigslist, we invite you to take our short 2 minute survey to let us know how we can help. Even if you don’t use Craigslist, we would love to know why.

Click Here to take survey!