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EasyAutoSales Service Updates (2/17)

Hey everyone,

There is a small change of direction with this blog. Instead of focusing on consumers with new car news, we will now be focusing on speaking to dealers and car sellers with this blog. If you are interested in checking out our team’s new car news, please feel free to subscribe to our other blog New Car Scoop.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make this service as useful as possible for private sellers and dealers that have sent their inventory to our website. With our most recent change to omit the registration requirement before sending email leads, we expect to see a huge surge of email leads for every one of the dealers that have inventory on our website. If we can do anything to improve the format of these leads to make it more useful or actionable for you, please let us know.

One of the things we have noticed while combing through our data is that a number of dealers do not provide accurate information or complete information to their inventory management software. Unfortunately what this means on our end when we receive the data from them is that some of the data will have missing zip codes, emails and phone numbers. While we still try to make these vehicles available on our system for search, ultimately if the contact information is missing, it means missed opportunities for the sellers. If you see your inventory on our website but would like to change or update your contact information, you can update it in your current software or claim your account with us and update it manually. If your account did not have an email, you will have to contact us to manually claim your account.

More to come…

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