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EasyRide of the Day – Electric SMART FourTwo

For those of you who find the regular SMART FourTwo either too mundane or not fuel efficient enough, I present the following. Not only does the car keep the same Euro chic image of the regular SMART FourTwo, but you also get the added benefit of a lithium-ion battery. With the electric SMART you also get a 0-60 of 7.1 seconds, top speed of 80MPH and a range of over 140 miles on single charge. The charge time is approximately 6-8 hours and you should get a duty cycle of around 1500 charges on the battery.

Want to know more about it? Discuss it with us on the EasyAutoSales forums and we’ll give you all the juicy information: Hybrid Technologies LiV “Dash” (SMART FourTwo)