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Interview with Ed O’Grady of Classic Chevrolet

Ed O'Grady Car Dealer of Classic Chevrolet

Ed O'Grady Car Dealer of Classic Chevrolet

To continue our dealer interview series we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Ed O’Grady of  the Classic Chevrolet dealership in Amherst, MA.  Ed shares with us his experiences selling cars in the current economy.

If you would like to be included in our Car Dealer Interview series, please drop me an email at will(at) or twitter us @easyautosales.

1. Ed, tell us a little bit about Classic Chevrolet?

Classic Chevrolet was formerly Paige’s Chevrolet. It was purchased from the Paige family in 2002. This dealership has been in Amherst, Ma since  1883 (horse and buggy) a small, customer friendly place with very long-term employees and a consistently high customer satisfaction index (CSI).

2. As a result of the recession, what expenses have you cut from your daily operation?  What new programs have you added to your daily operation?

The largest cuts we have made is in our New car floor plan. We have drastically reduced our New vehicle inventory. Some new programs we have added to our store revolves around the Internet. Blog pages, twitter, and other social media. We also use lots of on line free advertising such as Craigslist. We have been doing lots of FREE advertising to complement advertising we pay for.

3. In addition to cutting down on new car inventory, have you also made changes to your used car inventory such as offering cars under a certain price or age?

Yes we definitely have started to offer cars below $9,995. We have typically only offered very low mileage vehicles that are Certifiable.

4. How would you rate the performances of your twitter and blogging efforts? What are dealers missing if they don’t do these things?

Twitter has been a great way to announce certain specials and offer certain vehicles to a more targeted audience. We get greater views of our inventory through this media.If dealers don’t get involved now I think they are missing out on some additional opportunities!

5. Has your attitude towards the marketing budget changed?  Has it shifted more and more online?

Yes our marketing budget has shifted almost completely to online.We do have a car magazine that works well here that we also use. People have shifted to on line only to find a car and research the dealer, before they commit. People still purchase at the dealership, as opposed to online.

6. What are some of the biggest concerns you have when buying leads?

We don’t purchase leads at this store, however when I used to purchase them duplicates and phony info were always the concern. Actually how did the lead get generated? Was it some contest on line to win something? Or Did the customer request to be contacted!

7. Do dealers still pay flat fees for marketing their online presence?

We still pay some flat fees for online presence , however we utilize everything we pay for to the max!

8. What are your thoughts on online reputation management? Are online reviews of dealers the next IT thing?

An online reputation is crucial to your success. Reviews and comments online are very valuable.

9. What can dealers do to adapt as many people start shifting their shopping patterns towards online research and browse?

Media on your website.  Videos show the likeness of the dealership.  I think people are all ready doing this!

Thanks for your time Ed! Readers, if you have any more questions for Ed feel free to add it in the comments.  Hopefully we can keep the interview going.   You can also find Ed on Twitter @carsalepro

Classic Chevrolet Dealership in Amerherst, MA

Classic Chevrolet Dealership in Amerherst, MA