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Exciting Your Potential Buyers May Be A Wii Away!

Food for thought:

Video games have become as culturally pervasive as movies. In 2007, video games generated US$9.5-billion in revenues, while movies took in US$9.6-billion at the box office. Today, players come from both genders, and all age groups and, with the introduction of Nintendo’s Wii, can involve the whole family.

But you’re asking, how is this going to sell me cars? Simply put, driving a car in virtual reality increased how much someone liked that brand of cars. Clearly test drives will excited individuals. However, you can exactly go 120MPH down the back strait of Road Atlanta in an M3 on a regular old test drive. Additionally, it’s hard to borrow a Subaru Impreza WRC to excite someone, especially when they just came to test drive a Outback or a Tribecca. This sort of brand building can only be done through simulators. However, that is apparently enough to get at least 50% of audiences (according to the study) more excited and in turn more likely to buy a car. Additionally, you’re building a relationship with someone that may be more likely to buy again down the road (perhaps even upgrading as their work positions get more important).


Beyond the lab, we see similar promotions from the likes of BMW with the release of their new M3. They had a video game specifically for driving the M3 to get you excited about the brand. Even I have been subjected to this via the Ford F-150 “Raptor” simulator at this years. NADA. I was already a huge fan of the truck, but getting behind the (virtual) wheel of a “Raptor” and running it across a desert in Baja conditions was just the icing on the “I’m Sold” cake.

Source: Financal Post