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Ferrari Downsizes…Their Engines.

Recenrt murmers from rumour land have indicated that Ferrari‘s next line of cars will be using a new line of engines developed to smaller and turbocharged, a move many other high performance manufactures have decided to pursue (Porsche, BMW and Audi being the most noteworthy). With a small displacement V8 using twin-turbochargers, Ferrari, like others, hope to take advantage of the inherent fuel savings and engine efficiency gained by reusing all that exhaust energy and powering the car with an otherwise small engine. The last time Ferrari used a turbocharged engine in any of its cars, the F40 was running amock with its 3.0L TT V8 Granted, at that time the F40 (as well as most forced induction cars) were known for turbo lag that no self respecting car would be caught with today. Whether Ferrari uses variable vane turbos, sequential units or just proper tuning, the new engine will have a lot to live up to.

In addition to the rumors of the new engine, there’s also talk of the new line of cars (the successor to the F430) being slightly smaller and lighter, to furhter take advantage of the small engine displacement. It will have similar features of the Enzo, with its extreme wedge shaped design and more agressive, supercar-like looks. Many have balked at the 360 and 430 designs, saying they strayed from the original wedge shape of the 355, 348 and 328. The Enzo and future derivatives should be a more welcome to those who long for the more stylish and refined supercar.

Source: TopSpeed, Rumors