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Four, uncompromised…or so they say…

The Porsche Panamera seems to be popping up more and more these days. Recent images and videos from San Francisco have shown a completely unmasked pre-production Porsche Panamera in its full glory. Whereas many have questioned Porsches forray into the world of sedans, they have already done more to sully their name with the Cayenne than a sports sedan will ever do. With that said, what’s the full story on Porsche’s soon to be super-saloon? Let’s start with Porsche’s take on the machine itself:

No imitation. No fluff. Not looking to be trendy. No compromises. Porsche has always positioned themselves as the true “Ultimate Driving Machine,” no matter what BMW may tell you. So with their new slogan for the Panamera, “Four, Uncompromised,” Porsche now will take their fight to the super saloons of the world. Porsches are about as perfect a drivers car you can get on the street without the compromise of street legal track cars like the Zonda or Enzo. The Porsche 911 is a crisp drive with all the feedback one would expect, the quality one could want and relaibility one would desire from a finely crafted German automobile. Now, the Panamera comes along and offers all the 911 does and lets you take two more people along with you and your luggage.

Looking at the Pamera, you should have no problem with its long cabin and full rear hatch. The Panamera reminds me of CItroen C6, a car that only Europeans know about. However, it is a car known for for its ultimate style and supurb ride quality. Though it’s a bit quirky compared to most American sedans, I belive the people who would buy a Porsche will have no problem with it’s unique styling. Here at EasyAutoSales, as long as the drive is as inspiring as we expect, the Porsche Panamera is for us!

Though nothing has been officially been released about engines, based specifications should come with a V6 (standard and with hybrid capability), Porsche’s 4.8L V8 out of the Cayenne and either the twin-turbo V8 in the Cayenne or a V10 sourced and modified from the Carerra GT. It’s hard to imagine how inspiring the V6 will be, but anyone who has driven an underpowered car while autocrossing or around a race track knows the joy of truely flogging an engine that won’t forgive you if you can’t carry your speed properly. Plans for diesel version have also been mentioned, though as with the rest of the engines, nothing is set in stone.

Where as Porsche should sell a lot of these car to over excited parents looking to take their kids to school, no one can plan if this will be the next BMW M5 or Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG. Worst case scenerio is that this car will turn into a VW Pheaton, one of the most well built cars ever to come stateside (based off the Bentley chassis noless), but a car that people just won’t understand. If that does happen, deep discounts should direct these cars into the hands of true enthusiasts. However, as the Cayenne has shown us, even a seemingly questionable production model from a company likst Porsche will be gold. Either way, I look forward to my first drive of the Porsche Panamera, even if it’s not with ‘4’ other people.

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  • Panamera looks quite different from the usual and classic Porsche models, but it doesn't make it any worse.