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Friday Fun: The 1991 318is. A Poor Man’s M3.

I think I’ve fallen in love all over again…

I have one of these sitting in my garage awaiting a new engine, so I know I shouldn’t be looking at another one, but I can’t help it. It’s like sitting in a hospital with your loved one next to you while checking for her replacement. But here I sit; looking at this beautiful silver 1991 318is.

The racy little 4 cylinder engine makes a spectacular induction sound of a much larger engine. None of that screaming that comes from a Honda VTEC motor. This engine is refined, almost as much as the chassis. Poised as a Ms. America on four wheels. At 2500lbs, the car is a lightweight too and with 136HP under your right foot, you’re not exactly going to win any races. But with the right tires and suspension you can flat foot yourself around turns like a pro I could get sears tires discounts near me, with composure, and look like a drift hero.

So, despite the fact that the old, clunky black car that sits in my garage, broken with over 212k miles on the clock, I yearn once again to take it out and race it around the block. There’s nothing like the feeling of really thrashing a car to get it to move at any significant speeds. So, though I’ll have to pass on this one and wait until I can swap my new engine to the ICU-laden love that sits in my garage, however, it’s beautiful enough for someone else to come along and pickup this great looking car. Perfect paint. Super engine. It’s such a sweet deal that it really is hard to pass up, however whoever does pickup this silver-haired beauty will be in for a treat! Good luck to that lucky person!

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  • Kevin Chavez

    I would buy that bottom little lip in the front bumper i need it ASAP if you get this call me at 510-367-0035