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Increased Gas Prices Lead to Fuel Surcharges on Traffic Citations

As a local to the Atlanta area, stories like this make me take heed about which towns and cities I drive through when roving the city. In an inevitable turn, the city of Holly Springs, GA has instituted a fuel surcharge onto traffic citations, citing the increased cost of patrolling. Each ticket will see an additional $12 increase for the $3.99+ a gallon fuel costs.

Whereas I can’t fault them for trying to keep the police department cash neutral, I would hope that if fuel costs keep rising, police stations will use alternate, non-patrolling techniques to help keep drivers safer on the street. This does not include tricking us with speed cameras and other such nonsense, but increased driver education and better training at early ages. Another solution is to start using more fuel efficient cars for traffic patrolling and save the larger, more tricked out Crown Vics and Impalas for “real” crime stopping.

AOL Money – Cops Slap Speeders With Fuel Surcharge