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Everyone knows the internet is a giant gold mine of information but when it comes to opinions you trust, Side by Side Vehicles for Sale is still the best bet. But how does one involve their friends, family or acquaintances when it comes to a large purchase such as a car? Traditionally it has not been easy to ask for help and not knowing who in your network has experience with what vehicles is certainly a deterrent for reaching out blindly.

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Among some of the questions you may have when asking for advice:

  1. How do you find out who has the personal experience with a particular model of car?
  2. How do you weigh the different (possibly strong) opinions?
  3. Could one bad experience with a lemon from someone in your network turn you away from one brand completely?
  4. How can you get people in your different networks to come together and start a conversation that will give you a balanced view when it’s all said and done?

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EasyAutoSales is proud to announce a deeper level integration with Facebook that will help you start conversations with your network about the vehicles you are interested in buying from, even some that have been to an auto body shop.  The glass net have already seen great levels of engagement from our friends that are taking their comparison shopping online through this feature.

You can now find a section to get peer advice on Facebook on each of our vehicle detail pages. Through one click of a button, you can now share a link to vehicles you are interested in buying and throw some questions at your friends about the vehicle that will show up on their Facebook news feed. Alternatively, your friends can also vote for their favorite vehicles on with one click using Facebook’s new Like button.

By passively inviting your friends to offer their expertise or personal experience with a particular vehicle, the ones with something relevant to say will usually chime in with their personal stories or why they picked an alternative vehicle after going through similar shopping processes.

We have seen some pretty extensive and helpful conversations started from simply asking for help on Facebook through our new feature. If nothing else, we hope the different opinions from your network will help steer you in the right direction and ultimately help you make a purchase that you will be happy with for years to come.

If you are currently in the market for a new vehicle or know someone who is, invite them to check out this new feature on EasyAutoSales and if you are looking for a family used car see this quigley 4×4 van ourfairdeal. We’ve seen high levels of engagement on a few different Facebook networks and your personal network may just shock you with their automotive knowledge – mine did.