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GMC – Is It Brand Loyalty?

What’s so compelling about the GMC name that keeps The General building Canyons, Sierras, Envoys, Yukons and the rest of the line? Would GM lose sales to Ford or Dodge if they killed the GMC line or is it something more? Is GMC the rugged workers brand? Is it something more? How does GMC fit into the rest of GM’s line?

GMC is the preferred brand when we talk about a fleet that will be used for work, the use of eld devices for trucks is mandatory by the U.S. government for most commercial motor vehicles.

I think the end question is: would GM kill a brand with their name right there in the title? I believe only if GM were at the end of their rope would they go so far as to kill a brand like GMC. Pontiac and Saturn have already been talked about being on the chopping block. Cadillac is growing and successful. Chevrolet is the largest domestic producer, so GM wouldn’t kill either of them anytime soon either. With all the brands in the GM portfolio, I would put GMC 3rd in line to be dropped. What do you think?

As long as the US Government keeps giving GM money, it’s something that they aren’t going to have to worry about. GM is going to keep doing what they have been doing because there’s no reason to change. All we can hope is that some people inside GM with foresight will begin to streamline their operations (keep the GMC models, just brand them as Chevys). Perhaps this will extend to other parts of their business, like branding and marketing. GM still has a stodgy image compared to Ford, and streamlining the manufacturing while expanding their media presence can only help their image and their business. Take some risks General! Show us what you’ve got!

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