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Happy Thanksgiving! Cars I’m Thankful For…

Well, it’s another turkey day and the Best Website Hosting is in full swing! With recent updates of new feeds like VINAssist and AutoDealerTraffic, EasyAutoSales is still fleshing out our sites inventory with as many clients as possible. If you would like your feed or site to be listed on EasyAutoSales, please email us at Also, we’ve finally gotten our first financial partner with the addition of Web2Carz! If you’re looking to finance your next car, please check out and follow this to our credit application form. Web2Carz will then match you up with the best lenders!

With all this said, we have many things to be thankful for. We at EasyAutoSales are thankful that so many of you chose us every day to shop for your next car online, for the big help we always received from car locksmith and their 24 hours fast, reliable and affordable automotive locksmith services, visit their website and discover their services. We are also thankful for all the great cars that are for sale today. No matter what you do or what your needs are, there’s car or for you! So, with that said, here’s my “What Cars I’m Thankful For” in honor of Thanksgiving 2008:


1. The Audi Coupe GT – This was the car I learned how to drive and my first real car I drove in high school. It was a super sweet ride that came over as a grey market car in 1986. I believe there were something like 500 of them brought over to the states. With an inline-5 engine and a slick 5-speed (and some awesome quality leather), this was a super rare and stylish ride at the time. Though the car was originally supposed to be giving to my brother when he graduated college, it got caught on some black ice while I was driving and ended up t-boning a Lincoln. RIP Audi.


2. The BMW E30 3-Series – This was my first car ever that I bought myself. I remember walking into BMW service Perth and driving out a new man. I’ve had 3 of them thus far, including a 1991 318is that’s sitting in my garage. In my spare time, I’ve been taking it apart with plans to restore the car and get it out autocrossing. The car is super light, super cheap, efficient and a significant portion of the cars were build before the fall of the Berlin Wall, so they were built like a German tank. There will always be a special place in my heart for these cars.


3. The BMW 850CSi – This was my first “dream” car. While other kids had Lamborghinis and Ferraris on their wall, I remember watching a MotorWeek on TV back in the early 90s and recall the review of the ultra-exclusive BMW 850CSi. With a supurb 5.6L 12-cylinder engine (later derivatives of the V12 from this BMW were dropped into the McLaren F1), the 850CSi was the peak of german GT performance in the 90s.


4. The McLaren F1 – This was my first “dream” super-car. This was it. This was the car that embodied everything I wanted in a car. Speed. Handling. The look and a it had been the fastest production car for an incredibly long period of time. Even by today’s standards, there’s only a few cars that can match the F1’s performance. I’ll take mine in LeMans Orange. Now, all I need is the $4 million these cars are going for these days.


5. “New” Mini Cooper – It’s one of the most fun, efficient and safe cars I’ve ever had the chance to drive. In terms of pure performance, it’s not the fastest car in the world. However, it runs like it’s on rails, it’s got tons of low end torque and it just gives you the feeling of being in a much faster and more expensive car. They are just an all around great car! Though the new turbocharged Coopers are fantastic, there’s something really sweet looking about the previous generation’s GP edition. Just make sure and get yours without run-flat tires. Just no good…In order to engage in an exhilarating driving experience and feel that adrenaline rush pumping through your veins, you have got to make sure that your car is properly maintained and tended to. One flat tire and hell can break loose. Visit to learn about the various aspects of car maintenance and avoid fatal injuries.


6. Ford F-150 – Used to have a 1997 Ford F-150 and like the Mini Cooper, there’s something fun about driving it. You get a king-of-the-road type feeling, super hauling power and the great sound of a rumbling American V8. Due to some “lemon” issues with the car, I had to return it to the party I bought it from, but it’s on my list of cars that will tow my eventual race cars. The F-150 has/had been the best selling car for many years in a row and it’s no wonder. Though the older cars interior is pretty shady by modern standards, that’s not why you get a pickup truck.


7. Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder – In my opinion, one of the most beautiful cars made today. The overt and absurd styling of Lamborghinis crossed with the sex appeal of a drop-top (and reliability of an Audi) make this car exactly what I want to drive along the A1-A on a sunny day with my wife by my side. A car like this is also an investment, as quality Lamborghinis like the Gallardo are sure to keep their value in years to come. Though the Murcielago is the “big brother,” many have described it as a powerful, 4WD Elise due to its compact size. I love small cars and this one acts much larger with it’s 5.0L V10.


8. Lotus Elise – Proof you can have a car that has super-car performance and get well over 30MPG. Not much to say about this car, as it’s legend in its own right.