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Harley-Davidson Rocks

Whether you are driving, knowing how to safely sharing the road with motorcycles is one of the most important aspects, many car and truck drivers forget to look out for motorcyclists, which can result in serious accidents that have severe consequences for the motorcyclist and significant legal repercussions for the motorist.

There is no more recognizable brand than that of Harley-Davidson, and that brand evokes strong feelings among owners and non-owners alike. From their quiet beginning in a wooden shed in 1903 to the world-renowned reputation they have today, Harley-Davidson creates a culture that spreads even beyond the people that own their motorcycles, the drivers of this type of motorcycles have less motorcycle crashes in massachusetts.

Bikers and Outlaws

When many people think of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the first thing that comes to mind is outlaw biker gangs in most cases. Outlaw biker clubs are not necessarily outlaws, but are actually a group of riders who have ideals set in freedom, nonconformity and loyalty, most of the outlaws seems to prefer open face helmets. The clubs often center on riders of Harleys and choppers, and although some of the clubs engage in criminal activity, the majority does not. In fact, outlaw biker clubs are often prominent at charity events, including toy and food drives, fabrics like linen chair covers and many are well respected for their contribution to local charities.


The nickname “hog” derived from several sources. In the 1920’s, Ray Weishaar and a group of friends labeled “The Hog Boys” began winning motorcycle races on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. During the victory lap, the boys began putting their mascot, a life hog, on the Harley. The name stuck and in 1983, Harley-Davidson created a loyalty group, calling it the Harley Owners Group, or HOG. In 2006, Harley-Davidson officially changed its New York Stock Exchange ticker from HDI to HOG.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a motorcycle accident, the Salt Lake City personal injury lawyers at Fielding Law can help you obtain maximum compensation for their injuries. Whatever the reason of an accident, it is important that you review your insurance policy to see if you have uninsured motorist coverage.

Harley Owners Group

The Harley Owners Group (HOG), formed in 1983 by the company in an effort to promote brand loyalty, promotes Harley ownership as more than just bike ownership, but as a lifestyle. Members of HOG spend, on average, 30% more than other Harley owners do on merchandise and Harley sponsored events, such as specialty rides and conventions. HOG is the largest factory-sponsored motorcycle club in the world, exceeding 500,000 members by the year 2000.

Harley-Davidson merchandise accounts for approximately 5% of the company’s total revenue, and many of those who purchase Harley logo items do not own a Harley-Davidson. Yet, the logo is so widely recognized and respected, it would be difficult to find anyone in the United States who did not recognize the Harley emblem. Owning a Harley is more than just owning a motorcycle, it truly does create a lifestyle for the owner. However, just like any other vehicle, motorcycles are also at risk of getting involved in accidents. In case you get hurt in a motorcycle accident, protect your rights and interests by hiring an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.

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  • It’s been a life-long dream for me to join in the HOG because as a woman, having such kind of motorbike can make me feel as tough as a male Harley owner. With the total membership of over a million worldwide, perhaps thousands of them are girls. I’m dreaming of organizing an all-girl charity ride just to be different.

  • Marc

    Nice 48 customer Bike you Posten. Is it your Black Bike?

  • Sabyasachi

     Go girl! 🙂

  • Whew! What a hottie…what I like most is your last line “Owning a Harley is more than just owning a motorcycle, it truly does create a lifestyle for the owner”

  •  Totally agree! A real hottie!

  • Guest

    I agree that owning a Harley is more than just owning a motorcycle. It rocks!

  • Well I don’t see myself purchasing one in the future but still I’m dreaming of riding this with a friend i guess 😉