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0 comments – Review – Bently Turbo R

October 20th, 2008 – Jay Leno’s popular site,, released his weekly video demo of his 1989 Bently Turbo R. Jay recounts back in the 1970s when he worked for Rolls/Bently dealer and talks much about Bentley’s lush history as the “silent sportscar,” due to their incredible power and handling despite their size and quiet operation. Compared to the wafting ride of Rolls-Royce (who bought Bentley back in the 1930s), the Bently was a real drivers car. Some of that cache was lost during Rolls-Royce’s ownership. However, in recent years, with Volkswagon’s purchase of Bentley, they have sincerealigned themselves with the properties W.O. Bentley set forth with his original cars. WIth all this said, Jay mentions that this Bentley is part of the push to move the brand back towards their sporting heritage. It’s handling is surprisingly composed and coming from an owner of a McLaren F1, saying the Turbo R handes well despite its size is high praise. Jay goes on to mention the standard specs of a Turbo R with it’s 385HP 6.7L turbocharged engine, lugging around a full 5200lbs. The most surprising part of the story for me (as with most of you probably) is the price of a 20 year old Bentley. You can curently buy a vintage Turbo R for around the same price as a new Civic or Accord (depeding upon condition). The excellent built quality is evident (with well taken care of cars) and even an English car of this age is very reliable due to the overengineering that went into these cars. For more information check out our Bentley Turbo section and to view the video, see below: