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July 2008 Sales Number – Go Mini, Go!

 With 26 actual “selling days”, July 2008 shows that most car companies (not just The Big Three, as the news might have some believing) are hurting by the current lack of consumer confidence and increase in fuel prices. As some might figure, Hummer is taking it on the cheek with a 72% reduction of sales (averaging 72/day) where as Mini (part of the BMW Group) is kicking it at 195 cars per day, up 15% from the same time last year. Nissan and Mercedes also have an increase of 1.4% and 3%, respectively. As you could guess, Chrysler, Ford and GM are some of the largest losers with Toyota and Honda not far behind. Though new car sales are failing, by the estimations here at is that used cars sales are kicking into full swing as people are always looking for a sweet new ride.

Source: AutoBlog