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New Design Sneak Preview 3: New Community Forums

We are now only a couple of weeks away from launching version 3 of our website. Unfortunately with the amount of changes, fixes and upgrades we have been making, our original intent of pushing this out at the end of June has been delayed by about a month. (Hopefully that’s all though.)

The good news is that the new site will be a lot faster, more user friendly and come with a lot less bugs. In addition to some of the bigger changes we tackled, we also made tons of minor upgrades to make things run generally smoother.

The GREAT news is that we just finished a number of major sections on the website which only leaves a couple more to go. One of the sections we just completed is our new, Apple inspired Community Forums.


We are very excited about this new, upgraded section. The current forums while functional, has not been as used as much as we had originally believed it would be. Part of this reason is because it’s not apparent that it exists and we don’t do a great job of showcasing it on the website. In version 3, we are making the community Q&A discussions a bigger part of the overall EasyAutoSales shopping experience.

While car buyers and enthusiasts be able to ask questions and help each other out with car questions, car dealers are also encouraged to jump in on the discussions and help teach consumers how to buy cars. As a community, we’re hoping these personal interactions will help bury some of the negative stereotypes about dealers. Overtime, dealers that actively participate in the community will also be rewarded for their efforts.

So… thoughts on the new look?