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New Feature – EasyRide of the Day – Buick Concept

With all the clips and pictures around the web I’ve saved up in my bookmarks folder, I’ve decided that it’s time to get some of these onto the EasyAutoSales blog and hopefully entertain some of the audience more than some of my posts (which have been for the most part, serious due to the current state of the auto industry and economy as a whole). It’s called “EasyRides” and I hope everyone enjoys it!

As such, I’m starting out with a concept drawing of a Buick Lucern:

Buick has been known as a pretty stodgy brand in recent history. However, with recent effots via Tiger Woods spokesmanship (recently stopped due to cost) and designs that are more 21st century AD than 21st century BC. The above is a decent rendition of a modern “pimped out” Buick. It’s no 2010 Buick LaCross, but it’s forwards movement!

Tell me what you think about Buick in the forums: EasyRides – Buick Concept