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Nissan Previews Next Generation “EV” (Vehicles)

Today Nissan unveiled more plans to release more all-electric and hybrid electric vehicles using lithium-ion batteries. As stated in their press release:

TOKYO (August 6, 2008) – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today unveiled all-electric
and original hybrid electric prototype vehicles, both powered by advanced
lithium-ion batteries. Under the NISSAN GT 2012 business plan, the company
has committed to zero-emission vehicle leadership, and has announced
plans to introduce an all-electric vehicle in 2010 and mass market globally
in 2012.

The part I really like is this nifty little Honda Element knock-off:

Maybe the black and white scheme does it for me or it’s goofy dimensions. No matter, in the past it’s seemed that Nissan has greatly lagged behind their competitors Toyota and Honda in the hybrid vehicle market. Perhaps waiting and slowly working on getting a second generation hybrid out is a super smart move. The technology is more robust, there’s less warranty issues in Nissan has always tried to brand itself a little higher with better performing vehicles. Let’s hope they’ll start to move their fleet into a much cooler and more widespread segment of the market with their hybrid and electric cars.

Source: Nissan