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5 Signs Your Dealership Sucks on Twitter

Everywhere you turn, online marketing experts in every industry are letting you know the importance of Twitter, Facebook and social marketing. Being savvy car dealers, many of you have signed-up on these platforms to see what all the hoopla is about. Unfortunately, this also leaves proof why 99.9% of you guys are doing it wrong. Read More »


Your Dealership and Social Media

Social media is the next big thing on the internet but many dealers are dropping the ball on taking advantage of it. Social media is not just about brands such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube but rather how these platforms are changing the way customers are communicating with businesses and each other. If you are still not convinced investing in social media is the right thing to do, check out the following video. Read More »


You Can Now Sell on Twitter with 1-Click!

It seems like everywhere you turn, people are talking about Twitter. It’s no wonder with all the press, Twitter usage has jumped from 14 million users into 24+ million users in just a few months. Read More »


New Website, New Stats!

As many of you have noticed, EasyAutoSales launched our new website last week!!! This new look was months in the making and took hundreds of hours to complete. I wanted to thank everyone that were involved in the upgrade and praise those who worked the late night shifts and helped finished this 8 month project in a mere 3 and a half months. Read More »


Cash for Clunkers – Top 10 Sellers & Trade-ins

Any car dealers reading this, we hope you are reaping the benefits of the Cash for Clunkers program.   Please share in the comments your stories and opinions on Cash for Clunkers as it relates to your dealership or to the Dodge Dealership near me which can be reached online. Read More »