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Professional vs Peer Car Reviews – Cast Your Vote!

Your car shopping experience typically starts online in the research phase.  Many of you will start by reading reviews.  What types of car reviews do you find the most helpful? If you had to choose between one lengthy detailed car review written by an automotive professional and a collection of 50 quick car review blurbs written by your peers what would you choose?  Here’s are two examples of the short reviews I’m talking about:


What Type of Car Review Do You Prefer?


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We’re hoping that you’ll find quick peer car reviews at least somewhat helpful as you shop online for cars.   That’s why we’re adding them to our site when we launch the redesign very soon.  What will be even cooler is that  you’ll be able to connect with these peers on Facebook, Twitter and our own community section to continue the discussion as you decide if the car is right for you.  Before we can make this Car Shopping Utopia a reality we need to collect these quick car reviews from YOU.  If you have a second please submit your quick car review here.

Thanks a ton!  We really appreciate your time.  If you car to share your thoughts on professional vs peer car reviews we’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments…

  • In the beginning, I like to read what the pro’s have to say. Just like you’d listen to what a Food or Movie critic would opine about. Then I go and check out what the masses feel. If the reviewers give it a thumbs up but the people who actually own it (or have at least driven it) give it a thumbs down…then it’s a no go. There’s no way I’d believe someone who spent two days more than someone who’s lived with their car for months/years.

    One thing I’d advice against is a way of preventing people from gaming your system. All sites which have reviews are starting to put mechanisms in place to prevent fraud which lowers how serious you can take all of the review in aggregrate.

    Otherwise, it’s exciting to see EAS 2.0, and I’m sure you guys are working out how to get this site to be an engine (no pun intended) for people looking for cars.

    Another option is to take the data on cars people are selling all around the country and provide an index. There was a lot of information about used cars getting more expensive. Did dealers increase the price on cars they submitted in their feeds? Did new listings for vehicles increase over previous submissions for the same cars with similar mileage? DisplaySearch and NPD made a ton of money leverage this kind of insight, packaging it and giving it to people who can use it.

    All the best.

  • Thanks for the comment Luigi! We’re getting closer and closer to “EAS 2.0″… We appreciate your support and feedback!