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Retro Car of the Day – Toyota RV2 Concept

Thanks to Autoblog for this one…


If the Pontiac Aztek came from the Toyota RV2, that must mean the RV2 must have come from my 2nd grade LEGO experiments becuase that’s the last time I saw some ICBM doors on a car that has the front of a Lamborghini and opens into a camper. This is one of the weirdest concept cars I’ve personally ever seen, I saw a friend that has one and takes so much care of it, learned a lot, check how to remove scratches from the car at home, there are great hacks you can easily do.

Volkswagen had the Vanagon camper variant, sure. But in 1972, when the cost to rent an RV was at an all-time high, Toyota made its own attempt at a camper car. It was the Toyota RV2, a station wagon whose back unfurled into a tent. It was a far-out variation on the “turn a van or pickup into a camping vehicle” trend. Sadly, it also never really hit the road, spending its whole life as a concept car.

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Penthouse gushed at the time, “Compact and tidy, this car appears to be the answer for the quick getaway or the leisurely road trip. No definite marketing plans have been announced, but from the enthusiastic, worldwide reaction, it shouldn’t be long before this prototype becomes an assembly-line model.” They weren’t so innocent in their enthusiasm either.However if you are looking for something bigger we recommend to check out the off road camper trailers for sale online.

From the lime green that we expect form a Porsche race car to the boat-like rear end, Toyota was making a foray into Frankencars. It does make you wonder though: If this car some how made it to production, would Toyota still be the powerhouse we see today, or would if have marked the beginning of Japan’s “Carpocolypse”?