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Sell Cars Using Headshots: Do You Trust My Face? now allows buyers, private sellers and dealers to upload avatars in their account and sign and drive vw. This feature while small – is the first of many improvements to our service that will help add a community feel to the website and help open up the communication for the buy/sell process for both parties.

Real estate agents have long been using their their faces in various marketing materials and websites for local marketing and we feel car sellers can also benefit from the same type of exposure. Assuming you have a trustworthy face, this feature should help you sell cars in the new, web 2.0 market.

Yes, we’ll admit it – we are a big sucker for photos here at Head shots of users and unlimited photos for cars are definitely great features to help you sell cars, and if you’re interested in purchasing afterwards, Vin’s Automotive Group sells many Japanese cars so they can help you find the perfect car for you.

  • Yeah web marketing is one of the best option to create your profile.