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Surviving Twitter – the First 100 Days

If you spend any time on the web, you probably recognize the words Twitter and tweeting. With millions of users on this service, it is now the second most popular social media medium after Facebook. While many businesses have tried to jump in and broadcast specials, many have failed to garner attention which results in them failing to see the value of the service. So how does one succeed in getting value out of Twitter?

If you are completely new to Twitter, I would recommend following some people that are of interest to you (personally) and see what kind of content they put out that would cause you to respond/engage back. Chances are what interests you will interest the people you’d like to do business with. You can start by following Twitter accounts of popular blogs, news organizations or even personal friends – either way, paying attention to the pulse of the crowd and learning to fit in is key on this medium.

I firmly believe that if you have friends in real life, then you already know how to be social and work the social media magic. Unfortunately we all need to pay bills and pitch our jobs every now and then but within social media this can only be done in moderation. Just like we’d all avoid the crazy aunt who is over enthusiastic about their latest MLM home business at the family gathering, you need to make sure you talk about other stuff in addition to business on social media.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn or Ning, the value you get out of Twitter is not in the content you put out but rather, it’s the people within your network that you @ message and engage with. (Note: I didn’t say it’s the number of followers you have.) If all you do is push content into an empty room, you would burn out really fast. If however, you are following interesting accounts that also provide value to you, Twitter will keep your attention for much MUCH longer.

As for what you should be posting to build relationships, I really like the ICEE rule of Twitter posting which was suggested by Zappo’s CEO Tony Hsieh, who said make sure your posts are interesting, connecting (you to others), educational or entertaining. You will know you are doing a good job when you start getting real followers back and/or are showing up on other peoples’ #FollowFriday recommendations or Twitter lists. But in the very least, I would recommend all dealers and all Twitterers to start talking to people and treat each engagement as an one-on-one interaction instead of just broadcasting messages to a crowd and hope someone out in Twitterverse will bite.

Who knew social media actually required you to be social? Try it, it just might surprise you!

  • To make your business successful in Twitter, do not pay too much attention to the number of followers you have. Rather, place importance on how many followers you trust and can interact with. That goes with other social media accounts as well. What matters most are your personal friends. Given the situation, your friends will recommend and share your business to their friends, so on and so forth. Eventually, you will get a lot of potential followers you can trust.