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Everything Must Go! No, really. We’re serious!

How desperate are some dealers in this time of crisis? How about half price cars? It may sound silly, but that’s what Pohanka Chrysler-Dodge has to do in the next week to empty out their inventory according to CNN. On June 9, Pohanka’s franchise to sell new Chryslers and Dodges will be terminated, along with those of almost 800 other Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealers nationwide. Ray O’Bryhim, the owner,  cannot legally sell any new cars he has left after June 9 — and because the manufacturer is in bankruptcy protection it isn’t obligated to take them back. Hundreds of dealers are in the same place as them. It sounds like some cheap commercial, but EVERY car really must go by the time June 9th comes around. Ever car that isn’t is lost money. Read More »


NADA 2009 – Most Compelling Booth: Ford

There were a lot of very compelling booths at NADA. Aspen Marketing had an excellent setup with a number of Playboy Bunnies out front. DealerTrack, and a few others had huge booths and were running some excellent seminars right on the floor of the expo. Even VW had some great cars on the floor and some VERY helpful members of the VW team that couldn’t be more helpful. However, one booth stood above the rest in my eyes and it was that of Ford Motors. Due to the sheer size of Ford, their booth had a number of sections that dealt with cars, service, Work Solutions, car financing and a number of other jobs they do. On every front, the booth was alive and kicking. Every Ford representative was busy talking with someone. They were all smiling, everyone was happy, it was relaxed but you could tell dealers and 3rd party ventors were all enjoying and learning the Ford experiance. From talking to the representatives to trying the F-150 “Raptor” simulator, I felt as though Ford “got it.” Read More »


NADA Pictures – Sunday

2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Simulator

2010 Ford F-150 SVT “Raptor” Simulator

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Westward Young Men! (NADA 2009)

NADA 2009 New Orleans, LA

NADA 2009 New Orleans, LA

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JayLenosGarage – Review – 2009 Aston-Martin DBS

When people think about English sports cars, stuff like the Triumph TR6, The Lotus Elan/Elise/Esprit and the MG Sprite comes to mind. We rarely get to hear about cars like the Rocket (A Gordon Murray creation). Though most car enthusiasts are fans of them, we barely get to see cars like the McLaren F1 and the Ariel Atom and it’s easy to forget these amazing cars originally came from England. The idea of traditional British motoring with the top down, wind in your hair and an old carburated engine evoke images of the hills and dales of the English countryside in fall with leaves blowing and clear skies. Read More »