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Interview with Rhett Blanchard President of Blanchard Hyundai

rhett-blanchardWe’re very excited about this next interview with Rhett Blanchard, the President of Blanchard Hyundai in Asheville, North Carolina.  Rhett provides some great insights into the auto sales business, as well as specific advice on running a successful car dealership. Read More »


Interview with Donna Beasley of the Courtesy Automotive Group in Conyers, GA

courtesy automotive groupWe’ve been a bit busy getting ready for our site’s relaunch, but we’re back with a solid dealership interview from Donna Beasley, Business Development Center Specialist at the Courtesy Automotive Group in Conyers, Georgia.  Donna was kind enough to answer a few questions about how Courtesy’s dealerships are adapting to the challenges of the automotive marketplace Read More »


Interview with William Bryant of Steve White VW Audi Dealership

Steve White VW Audi Dealership - Greenville, SC

Steve White VW Audi Dealership – Greenville, SC

william_bryant_steve_white_vw_audiFor the inaugural interview of our Car Dealer Interviews series we’ve had the pleasure of talking with William Bryant of Steve White VW Audi dealership in Greenville, SC. We asked him a few questions about his experiences in the auto sales industry and what it’s like to be a dealer in today’s economy.

William provided some great insight and advice that we hope you will find useful.  I think you’ll agree with us when we say, Mr. Bryant is wise beyond his years. If you would like to be included in our Car Dealer Interview series, please drop me an email at will (at) or twitter us @easyautosales.

1. William, tell us a little bit about Steve White VW Audi and your own career in the auto industry?

I started out selling cars at a Nissan dealership. I think I was the youngest guy they’d ever hired. I was going to college at the time and kind of fell into it. Next thing I knew I had truly found my passion. My other passion was computers and the internet, so when I heard we were getting internet leads and doing nothing with them, I jumped at the opportunity to take it all over.  All of a sudden I’m doing over 20% of the store volume on my own! Since then I’ve moved to Steve White, who has a real vision for the internet’s place in a dealership, and consistently do over 30% of the sales volume… and it’s growing every day!

Read More »


The Importance of Accurate Data Entry for Car Dealers

Every now and then, I run across a dealer on our website that was sent to us via a feed that contains inaccurate contact information. Whenever this happens, there’s a good chance that opportunities for leads are lost for all vehicles under this dealer. While this is something we can try to fix locally, the way most feeds are setup requires dealers to fix the information at the source. Whether you are currently exporting your data to us or not, it is important that you fill out your information correctly in your management system so your online marketing efforts are not wasted. Read More »